Peter Ould (pould) wrote in wtcdisaster,
Peter Ould


If anybody's interested, I've written a poem on the first anniversary of my working at Ground Zero:


They said because we stood up tall
We wouldn't fall
We couldn't fall
But if I should descend to ground
Who will catch?
Who's there to catch?

You say that since I stand up tall
I will not fall
I just can't fall
But since I stand on lonely ground
Who will catch?
Who's there to catch?

I ask, if towers fall to ground
Should I not fall?
Alone, can fall?
And if you think I seem too tall
You missed my roots
You overshoot

There's nothing that cannot collapse
Alone and proud,
Stand our ground?
And if our lives are fragile yet
Is nothing safe?
Are scenes laid waste?

Foundations crumble, nations fall
And humans weep
As loneliness creeps.
If you think I stand too tall
You're probably right
You're totally right.

The original can be found here.

Have a Happy New Year.
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