Truth about 9/11

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All this is certainly date stabbed in memory of the terrorist attacks, which killed about 3,000 people, to lead discussion, hypotheses and theories. Few, however, know the true facts that are backed by physical laws. In 1945, crashed B-25 bomber into the Empire State Building at that time (and indeed today) the tallest building in New York City. After a few hours managed to extinguish the fire and killed only 14 people, including crew. ESB stands today, even though it is 40 years older than the World Trade Center. How come WTC after airplane crashes ever fallen? The answer is simple.

                                                                Controlled demolition.

Many individuals do not believe that the twins were controlled bombs exploded probably termites , yet Americans will demolish its center of trade, but that’s nothing to do . It is worthy to note that in 1993, the Islamic terrorists in the garage of the North Tower exploded a bomb placed in a van, took 30 m deep hole , although not undermine the structural integrity of the building , as originally goal . It is clear that the only impact of aircraft towers would not fall. High-rise buildings are constructed of steel skeletons and solid carriers , in addition to the twins core of the system matrix tens of thousands to 80cm wide steel , each bound with beams , in addition prolitých concrete floors , the entire structure was both bolted and welded . Minoru Yamasaki - architect who designed the building , like in their buildings composing the same element - steel beams vertically , alternating with windows , so it seemed outwardly to functionalism Gothic. The twins were oriented diagonally so that the people inside do not obstruct the view. Let’s review the banality of physics , such as the temperature at which the melt steel . It is about 1300 degrees Celsius. It is possible that a temperature burning fuel produced from a plane ? The answer is no. It was almost half , about 600 degrees C. Some might say, ” Well , these are theoretical calculations , really nobody , and nobody did not measure it could not be determined exactly. ” But scientists , architects , engineers and demolition experts have even more evidence. ” Google” a term WTC debris . That can not seem debris building that collapses due to fire Moreover , it has a very stable core. Investigators have repeatedly flown shots collapse of the building and found that it occurs identity -driven blast. South Tower hit in sequence as the second collapsed about 20 minutes earlier than the north . The calculations physicists and architects found that the upper part of the intervention of the aircraft that is 10 or 20 floors by itself fell at free fall - would hit the ground in about 10 seconds . Upper portion falls in approximately the same time, even though it had almost beneath the building, which weighed 400 million kg and should collapse slow addition , the upper part can cause the collapse of the tower , because the free fall the element zero mass . This contradicts the laws of physics , we consider as people who do what they write , do not believe. A closer examination of the videos can be seen that both towers had collapsed like normal blasting old buildings. Do not believe? Check out: Exactly the same sequence: first explosions occurred in the area of impact ( impact location was targeted, because of that , that shot might be a first not quite on the upper floors , so as to carry out normal cutting ), then the underground floors and was eventually demolished tower top down . The presence of termites in the garage demonstrated and witnesses. In the first video you can see how a few floors below the smoke just fired a bomb blast . Engineers say the slang sparkler . These sparklers shooting undermine the structure in a certain place , to what is above it , it could quickly fall and also that demolition squad should guarantee that the building is really a razes to the ground. The upper part of the north tower to rest as if sucked , but the collapse of the south tower tilted at a sharp angle , so that should inevitably fall to the ground , but it did not . How so? That would mysteriously disappeared? No, it has not gone away , just in the air rozpráskala on all sides . The smoke that looked as if it came from the volcano and departing pieces sever steel columns to large distances clearly suggest that it was a controlled demolition. After several hours, also collapsed building No.7, although in it was not hit by any plane . She is the only one standing there , other buildings, ie the whole complex center and adjacent hotel were destroyed collapse of the twin towers . The claim that the WTC was brought down by fire is a big nonsense ( especially when in the 70s were more experienced ) .

                      Who installed the bombs into the towers?

So these theories are more complicated. When you say that it was ” an inside job ” almost everyone will think that Americans are responsible for attacks (this is perhaps the reason why these theories do not belive of most per cent of people and let your opinion affect the mass media) . But this is more imbroglio . The two aircraft attacked the terrorists , all from Al - Qaeda or its affiliate . Muhammad Atta , as well as most of the hijackers of September 11 , studied technical subjects at the University of Hamburg. Plane learned to drive air through the courses , which says that he and his companions were very professional pilots . There is a hypothesis that controlled the laser-guided aircraft to ever hit the towers , but footage of this phenomenon can not be taken at 100 percent legit , today there are simple software , which you can embellish something . The fact is that a mistake on the board , so the first place to passengers spoke to flight dispatchers who received information about the kidnapping . Within 20 minutes from the cabin crew on flight 11 found seats on which sat hijackers and information on injuries. North American Air Forces Command was informed about the abduction and all that day hijacked planes had much time to react . But the blast plane with 81 passengers is not just a need many permits and evidence. The fighters were launched at 8:53 , but that was about 17 minutes late. There’s a relative possibility that terrorists cooperated with the U.S. government . It’s also possible that the Americans were used as bait . Or perhaps members of Al - Qaeda bomb installed in 400 m high towers themselves? That no one noticed anything suspicious ? Evidently not. In the days before occurred in both buildings cut. current ( from 10.9 to 11.9 , the towers were without electricity even all night) , in addition, restoration of a few rooms , so that the WTC was teeming with workers and plumbers. This meant that there could get any . That would be just between them quietly wandered into ? The catch is that no one knew who the workers were , from what company they came from. Which side of the attack planned ? In August, the owner of the twins their property insured against terrorist attack, everything in the buildings there were , it was insured . Some companies , particularly banks to sell their stock in the WTC area . They must have known something or you know . George Bush reportedly thwarted investigations and stayed substitution of ” his people ” and the beginning of trying to persuade others that it is a normal accident.
Just as people today do not believe this conspiracy theory with termites , so that first ‘ve never believed that it was not an accident, some police officers had considered that the smoke from the north tower overlaid the south , did not know that also burns . Just not to be ignorant and believe every stupidity on television or public opinion ( and it is not just Sept. 11 ) . Who has the biggest brain nehlavnějším disaster in U.S. history and why it like this plan remains the greatest mystery that will probably never be resolved. Some think the U.S. government to initiate the Afghanistan war , some again that it was itself Al - Qaeda that caused inflation the dollar. I believe that both sides have something to say and I also think that it was ultimately a good thing that the fighters could shoot down airplanes , because that had firefighters , police officers and paramedics time to evacuate , and if the twins slid right now , would have died more people. Whether you believe this conspiracy theory or not is up to you . But I prefer when we will be more.

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Five years

Five years since the attacks.

I just felt that it ought to be acknowledged here.

(I tried to do it yesterday, but the community was closed at that time.)
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If anybody's interested, I've written a poem on the first anniversary of my working at Ground Zero:


They said because we stood up tall
We wouldn't fall
We couldn't fall
But if I should descend to ground
Who will catch?
Who's there to catch?

You say that since I stand up tall
I will not fall
I just can't fall
But since I stand on lonely ground
Who will catch?
Who's there to catch?

I ask, if towers fall to ground
Should I not fall?
Alone, can fall?
And if you think I seem too tall
You missed my roots
You overshoot

There's nothing that cannot collapse
Alone and proud,
Stand our ground?
And if our lives are fragile yet
Is nothing safe?
Are scenes laid waste?

Foundations crumble, nations fall
And humans weep
As loneliness creeps.
If you think I stand too tall
You're probably right
You're totally right.

The original can be found here.

Have a Happy New Year.
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you ever reach the point where you just realize that it is time to get new people in your life. When you realize that all of the people that you spend so much time on don't really care if you are there or not and take advantage 95% of the time. Well I guess I finally realized it, only took me 21 years to do it, but shit, better late than never right. The sad part is, I have finally come to the conclusion, after years of hating my family, that they are the ONLY people I can count on to be there for me. Pretty sad isn't it. No pity for me, just show me that middle finger and tell me to get over it. That is all I have to say. Fuck all of you people that use me and take advantage of the fact that I have been and always will be to some degree a doormat. I may still be a doormat after today, but even if I am, if I want to yell at you I will and if I want to make an ass of myself I will but at least I won't be taking it all lying down anymore. Kick the shit out of me standing up, I dare ya.
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has a bunch of september 11 related merchandise on sale now. DVDs and Videos.

Just so folks know.

I'm not quite ready to add such to my collections, yet, but if other folks were interested, I thought I should mention it.