Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer (lordlucan) wrote in wtcdisaster,
Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer

A gentleman by the name of Derek Turner recently unveiled his idea for a new World Trade Center. It is pretty damned impressive, as you should be able to see here...

If the pic doesn't work, go here. For more information, there is a very detailed site here.

So, what do you guys think? Personally, I think it's one stunning looking building, but I'm not sure it would look too good in New York, I'm not sure it's suited to the aesthetic character of that particular city. Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, maybe...but I'm not so sure about New York.

Personally, I'm still very fond of the idea that went around the net shortly after September 11, you know, the one with the five towers arranged to look like an insulting gesture...sure, it was a joke, but why the hell not??
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